Preparing for Vendor Reviews

What Startups Should Know

LIVE WEBINAR - July 26, 2023
11:00AM EDT & 4:00PM WET (Western European Time)

As you land larger and more complex customers – some potentially in regulated industries such as finance or healthcare – you’ll begin to encounter vendor review processes. This is a sure sign that your security and compliance processes will need to mature.  

Vendor reviews can be confusing and time consuming – especially if you have not faced them before, but there are ways to prepare. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at three areas common to vendor reviews and discuss why each one is important to your customer, what it means for your team, and how you can be prepared:

Security Questionnaires, Security Reviews, and Compliance and Contracts

This information will make interactions with customers less stressful by helping you to anticipate the various forms that vendor reviews can take and by ensuring you have a plan to respond to each type. It will also instill trust and confidence in your larger customers because you’ll already have experience responding to these requests. 

Join us for a deep dive into each of these areas, along with live Q&A.